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Have No Fear!

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Standing Fearless

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”  (Nelson Mandela)


If you had to take a guess, which would you say you base your choices on the most: your hopes or your fears? It may be difficult to answer that. First, it is not uncommon for people to be totally unaware of how much fears have affected them. Second, even when we are aware of fears, we don't like to acknowledge them, especially to others.

When I ask people why they think they did not complete the activities they hoped to achieve in a given week, they don’t typically come out and say, "Well, I was afraid of _______." The most common answer is, “I didn’t have time.” However, as we pull apart excuses like this, we often find an interesting reason hiding at the core...a FEAR.  

For example...

I see people overloading themselves with insignificant activities (or allowing others to pile them on) so they can justify saying that they “don’t have time” to tackle a new, challenging activity. The real reason is that deep down they fear they are not “good” enough to do it well. 

Is this you? 

  • The truth is:  You probably will not be amazing the first time (or the second, or third, or fourth time) you give something new a try.
  • The truth is:  You will NEVER get "good" at it if you don't give it a shot! 
  • The truth is:  You WILL get better over time.  

I also see others bury their heads in busywork, claiming they are simply just “too busy” to get out there and actively look for new business.  The real reason they don't make that cold call, ask for the referral, or close for the appointment is they fear the "no". They fear rejection. 

Is this you? 

  • The truth is:  You will hear "no" a lot when you prospect. 
  • The truth is:  You will NEVER hear "yes" if you don't get out there! 
  • The truth is:  The faster you change your perspective on "no's" and start seeing them as part of the equation to get more "yes's" (not as rejection), the faster you'll be able to knock this fear off the list and start prospecting successfully. 

Look, I am not saying that every time someone claims they don’t have time and are too busy, that they are really just hiding from a fear they have. However, it happens enough that it is worth shedding some light on it. And, as you can see, simply pointing out some simple truths shrinks those fears considerably!

TAKE ACTION: Think of an activity that you have been hoping - and planning - to complete, yet you cannot seem to do it. Maybe it's an activity you have putting off or a person you have been avoiding. Ask yourself...Why? Dig a couple layers deeper. What is really the root cause? Is there a fear that is affecting your ability to complete activities or reach goals that are important to you? What is it that you fear? Call it out, write it down and take action to eliminate it ASAP! 

If you are in coaching with me, please bring this to my attention as soon as possible! Let’s get busy working on crushing this fear before it attempts to crush your hopes for your business, for your key relationships, and for your well being! 

If you are not in my coaching program and would like to get started, I have a couple more spots in Individual Coaching and several for Group Coaching. You can click here to learn more. 

Next week I will share some simple tips for helping you Get Stuff Done! Until then...

Have a great week! 


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