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One Way to Avoid Traffic Jams

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                         "There are no traffic jams when you go the extra mile." (Zig Ziglar)


Having just returned from a long road trip, this quote caught my attention! 

During our travels, yes, we experienced plenty of traffic jams, and drove a lot of miles. We also dined out, checked in and out of hotels/vacation rentals, shopped, and dealt with service providers over the phone. As you can imagine, we had all kinds of levels of service, from the "I can barely manage to acknowledge my customers" service providers to the "I want each and every one of my customers to feel extremely satisfied and appreciated" service providers, and of course, everything in between! Guess which ones we will not be recommending to others or returning to? Guess which ones we will? 

 What is interesting is that out of all of the people and establishments we were served by, very few stood out and gave the obvious extra-mile service. Most just blended together in a mesh of mediocre, forgettable experiences. 

So, I ask you:

  • What would your customers/clients say about the service you provide?
  • What "extra mile" do you go for them to make them feel valued?
  • How do you make sure they will always remember you and refer you to others?

Remember, there are lots of choices out there. If someone chooses you, make sure they feel appreciated and receive more than they expect. This will set you apart from everyone else, and you will easily be able to accelerate and grow your business, and enjoy the journey along the way! 


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